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“Sorry to go all meta on everyone, but for me ever time I pick up my trusty Olympus OM-2, it’s like I’m going on a mini vacation from our overcrowded digital lifestyle. I immediately get this feeling of breaking free from my screen and have some kind of connection to this mechanical object in my hands. That’s just the beginning of a long process that keeps me away from my computer and devices. I also have some kind of reverence for these mechanical objects that somehow continue to work decades after their production. In an age where everyone wants the latest iPhone, I know that my Olympus, will never need an upgrade. That’s why I’m never going to stop shooting film.”

Ryan, Founder, Magnolia Film Lab

Ryan McCarrelFounder
Gela ShekeladzeCo-Owner & Director
Elene KobidzeScanner/Editor
Jarji KarvelashviliMinilab Master