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A new kind of film lab, for a new generation of film photographers.

We’re not your grandpa’s camera store. Magnolia Film Lab is about creating a community devoted to the analog lifestyle. Join our movement of passionately devoted film photographers.

Get to know the people who make the magic happen.

Ryan McCarrelFilm Lover & Co-Founder

Ryan’s just a dude who likes film photography and was surprised when he couldn’t find a professional and affordable lab the last time he visited his parents. So why not start one in Tbilisi? The country he now happily calls home.

Gela ShekeladzeCo-Founder & Lab Master

Gela is our film guru, our lab maestro and general go to guy for everything related to processing your film. He’s processed thousands upon thousands of rolls of film and knows his way around a film changing bag like no other. He’s also an incredible photographer. Check out his IG.

Tom PinnegarMaster Printer

Tom is Magnolia Film Lab’s master printer, a title he earned through his meticulous attention to detail. His work stands above the rest and he makes the perfect darkroom companion for printing your portfolio and learning how to make your own silver gelatin prints.

Elene SidamonidzeAll Around Bad-Ass

Elene is basically the only reason why Magnolia Film lab functions. She’s the one that makes sure your experience with our lab is top-notch and is usually busily answering your questions and helping you get what you need. She also happens to be an awesome person.