ADOX SCALA 50 BW 135/36


Filmtype:Black&White Slide
Film Format:35 mm
Speed:ISO 50/18°
Length:36 Exposures

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ADOX Scala 50 is an ultra fine grained superpanchromatic BW transparency (slide) film with very high resolution, excellent sharpness, clear filmbase and very high Dmax.
Scala 50 can be developed in the ADOX Scala reversal kit, Foma reversal kit and by professional labs which offer BW reversal processing like Photo Studio 13, Stuttgart, Germany (mailorder and international shipping).

– sensitivity: ISO 50/18°; pull- and push-processing possible
– superpanchromatic sensitisation
– very high resolution
– excellent sharpness
– extremely fine grain
– extremely good enlargement capability: SCALA 50 transparencies can be projected on side lengths of several meters
– very good max. contrast range (‘dynamic range’)
– very low value for Dmin. (brillant highlights)
– very high value for Dmax (deep black shadows)
– neutral to slight warm tone
– excellent price-performance ratio / value for money.



Film Format

35 mm

Film Type

B&W Reversal Film

ISO Speed