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Decide to try something a little different and finally check out what positive transparency film is all about? Don’t worry, we got you. We can process Kodak E100, Fujifilm Provia 100F and any other E6 process transparency film. So you better get the projector ready!

Our average wait times for processing and scanning E6 slide film is between 5 and 7 business days. This is because the chemicals can go bad rather quickly, so we like to wait until we have a few to process at the same time. While it takes a little longer it keeps the price down and makes it more affordable to enjoy this amazing format.

We know that not everyone has access to a high quality film lab these days. That’s why we’ve tried to make our online order form as easy as possible. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. After you place your order you will receive an automated email with an order number. Just print or write this order number and include it with your film rolls. Simple as that. We also love receiving notes and learning more about you, so if you feel like writing us a letter with your order number, we’ll be happy to read it!

Magnolia Film Lab
8 Egnate Ninoshvili,
Tbilisi, Georgia 0102
+995 599 09 34 44

Please be sure to send us your tracking number so we can keep an eye out for your rolls. We will process your film and scan your beautiful negs! After we scan your film we’ll send you a WeTransfer link and attach it to your order. If you need a little extra time we can keep the files for up to a year, no problemo. Be sure to use our hashtags #ArtBornHere and #MagnoliaFilmLab and tag us with your best shots and we’ll share them on our Insta page.

As always, if you need literally ANYTHING at all, or even just want to chat about film photography, drop us a line. Either by email, WhatsApp, or Facebook/Instagram. We’re always happy to get to know our awesome community of film photographers.

Thank you for joining our community of passionately dedicated film photographers!

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120, 35 mm


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