Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera


Fujifilm’s latest Instax Mini 11 Instant camera is jam packed with useful features and upgrades. Get much brighter background with better auto exposure and take selfies with ease. Available in all sorts of colors and accessories to customize your camera for you.

Bluish Pink
Chalk White
Charcoal Gray
Lilac Purple
Sky Blue
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Now It’s Easy to Get Bright Photos Anywhere!


The high-performance flash automatically
calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts shutter speed accordingly — no need for any special settings.

Selfies & Close-Ups Never Looked Better!


Simply pull out the lens to instantly switch to
Selfie Mode!

  1. Press the power button, and the lens extends automatically.PUSH
  2. Pull the rim of the lens outward.When you see the “SELFIE ON” mark, it’s on Selfie Mode!SELFIE ON
  3. You can check your framing with the mirror next to the lens.image

Capture a perfect Close-Up!

Use Selfie mode to shoot a subject 30 to 50cm away
so you can get a clear close-up shot every time.

Close-up range 3 0 to 50cm

Bluish Pink, Chalk White, Charcoal Gray, Lilac Purple, Sky Blue