La Sardina and Flash Fitzroy Edition


Rocking a fabulous new design by artist Ale Giorgini, this little 35 mm snapper is the best way to travel and capture the seven seas in style.

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Itching to create your own camera masterpiece? Lomography’s La Sardina line of cameras are 35mm film cameras featuring a sardine-can shaped body, 22mm wide-angle plastic lens, built-in optical viewfinder, and multiple and long-exposure capabilities. This DIY White edition features a customizable blank body that can be decorated in any manner of your choosing.

Wide-Angle 22mm Lens

This wide-angle plastic 22mm lens has an angle of view of 89°, giving a broad perspective and great depth of field. A fixed f/8 aperture is suitable for most shooting applications and two-stage focusing gives you the option to focus between 2-3.3′ / 0.6-1m and from 3.3′ / 1m to infinity. The plastic construction gives images a soft, dreamy quality that truly defines the “toy camera look.”

Exposure Settings

Two exposures settings are available: N (1/100th sec.) or B (bulb) for controlling exposure lengths to suit different lighting situations. Additionally, an MX mode is available, which allows you to record unlimited multiple exposures on the same frame. The bulb setting allows you to record long exposures, which is further benefited by the inclusion of a 1/4″ tripod socket and a cable release socket to help prevent camera shake.

Fritz the Blitz Flash

A dedicated micro contact is available in order to use the included Fritz the Blitz flash for more creative exposure possibilities or for simply adding additional light to the scene. This external flash attaches to the side of the camera and features three distance settings (5.25′, 4′, and 2′) for greater exposure control when shooting. Additionally, four colored filters (blue, yellow, white, and red) are also included to creatively modify the color of the flash output.


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