Pentax Program Plus with 50mm F2.8


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Exposure Modes

The Pentax Program Plus provides an array of four exposure modes for the ease of your photography:

  • Programmed AE – Applicable only with the use of SMC Pentax-A lenses. Set Shutter Dial to ‘Auto’ and lens aperture setting to ‘A’.
  • Aperture-priority AE – Applicable with K, KF, or KA series lenses. Set Shutter Dail to ‘Auto’ and lens aperture to the desired value you want to shoot with. The camera will set the shutter speed automatically.
  • Metered Manual – You are free to adjust both the lens aperture opening and the shutter speed of the camera. In this mode, you might also want to consider Exposure Compensation as part of your creative content.
  • Programmed Auto Flash – Set lens aperture set to ‘Auto’ with KA lenses, or to a value for normal auto flash with any other lens. Set the Shutter Speed dial set to ‘Auto’ for dedicated flash units, or ‘100’ for other types.
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