Street Candy ATM400


  • ISO 400 Black & White Film
  • High Contrast
  • Rich Grayscale Tonality
  • 36 Exposures
  • Hand Rolled
  • Recycled Paper Film Canister

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Street Candy ATM 400 is a Panchromatic Black & White Negative Film.Originally coated for security surveillance cameras and intended to fight crime against humanity!

Originally used in banks, ATMs, offices or sensible locations before the digital takeover, we have given it a new life so you can shoot it with your favorite 35mm camera.

ATM400 will deliver a beautiful contrast while retaining rich details throughout its wide dynamic range. Being a 400 ISO film, it’s easy to shoot, forgiving and becoming to go-to B&W film of many film photographers. Comes in 36 exposures, hand-rolled in recycled 135 film canister & now packed in a brand new recycled cardboard film box ?


ATM400 delivers great contrast for punchy Black & White images. Perfect for Street Photography, all that without losing mid-tones details.

400 ISO

With a medium sensitivity, ATM400 will get you covered in most situations.
Push up to +1 stop or more if you are up for extreme contrast!


Soft and smooth grain structure for fine details. Great texture and skin tones rendition.


In 2020, Street Candy Film introduced the first alternative to plastic film canisters with a brand new eco friendly canister made of recycled cardboard & printed with soy ink!


Street Candy

Street Candy ATM400 with Recycled Paper Canisters. You already have plenty of empty plastic canisters laying around and feel concerned about the ecological impact caused by your passion for Film Photography ? WE FEEL THE SAME and that’s why Street Candy came up with an alternative option to the standard plastic film canisters.
Weight .023 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 cm
Film Format

35 mm



Film Type

Black & White Negatives

ISO Speed



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