Color Film Processing & Scanning (C41)


Get free local pickup of your color film rolls with your order. Offer applies to color film processing (c41) with standard size scans and above and is valid until December 24th. After you place your order we will send GLOVO to retrieve your film*


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We know that not everyone has access to a high quality film lab these days. That’s why we’ve tried to make our online order form as easy as possible. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. After you place your order you will receive an automated email with an order number. Just print or write this order number and include it with your film rolls. After we receive your rolls we will process and scan them. We will send your scans via WeTransfer! Simple as that.

When you’re ready to send us your film, just use the following address:

Magnolia Film Lab
8 Egnate Ninoshvili
Tbilisi, Georgia 0102
Phone Number: +995 599 09 34 44

Please be sure to send us your tracking number so we can keep an eye out for your rolls. As always, if you need literally ANYTHING at all, or even just want to chat about film photography, drop us a line. Either by email, WhatsApp, or Facebook and Instagram. We’re always happy to get to know our awesome community of film photographers.

Film Format

120, 35 mm

Which scanner do you use?

Scanners make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of your film processing service. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in making sure we have the best scanning equipment available. For 35mm film we use the Noritsu LS-1100 which consistently delivers the highest quality scans for our customers.

We also have a Fuji Frontier SP-3000, Nikon Coolscan 9000, and Epson Pro 850. If you’d prefer to have your film scanned with one of these instead just write it in the notes section on your order 🙂

Which color processing chemicals do you use?

Maintaining the highest quality chemicals is the single most important thing when delivering consistently great results to our clients. We’ve sent thousands of rolls through Betsie (our Konica Minolta film processing machine) with fantastic results using Fuji CN16Q color chemistry. For hand processing we use Fuji Hunt C41 chemicals in a tank or JOBO.

How do I send you my rolls?

It couldn’t be any easier, just fill out an online form, package your rolls up in a ziplock bag and mail them to us along with your order number. For added security you can always message us your tracking number as well so we can keep an eye out for your precious cargo. When your ready send your order to:

Magnolia Film Lab
8 Egnate Ninoshvili
Tbilisi, Georgia 0102
+995 599 09 34 44

Check out these posts for a more detailed description of how to send us your rolls and tips & tricks for packaging them.